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Lose Years Off Your Face In Just One Hour

Wrinkles may come with age, but so does wisdom. Whether your eye lids are carrying excess skin, or your wrinkles have taken over your forehead,… Continue Reading

High Blood Pressure Can Affect Your Vision

Most people know high blood pressure and other vascular diseases pose risks to overall health, but many may not know that high blood pressure can… Continue Reading

What Is Diabetic Eye Disease?

Approximately 20.8 million Americans have diabetes. More than half of these individuals are at risk for vision loss and other health problems, because they don’t… Continue Reading

Dry Eye Relief Is In Sight With Optilight

Dry eye disease is a common condition that affects between 16 and 49 million Americans. It occurs when the eyes do not produce enough tears,… Continue Reading

Cataract Implants Seeing In Three Dimensions

Approximately 20.5 million Americans age 40 and older have cataracts. The opportunity for freedom from reading glasses and bifocals was not available in intraocular lens… Continue Reading

A Time For Change In 2023

Who started this whole New Year’s resolution idea anyway? The New Year’s celebration can be traced back to the ancient Babylonians over four thousand years… Continue Reading

Rajiv Luthra, MD

Laser-Assisted Surgeries

Laser vision corrective surgeries have made great strides in the past 30 years. The use of lasers in LASIK and cataract surgeries not only improves… Continue Reading

Do You Need Reading Glasses? 6 Things You Need to Know

Have you ever wondered if it’s time for you to get reading glasses? Maybe your vision is starting to get the tiniest bit fuzzy around… Continue Reading

Eye Cancer

Cancer of the eye is a malignancy that starts and grows in your eye. A malignancy is a group of cells that are cancerous (non-typical… Continue Reading

Do you Need an Eye Doctor?

Everyone needs an eye doctor to evaluate eye health and catch problems early while they are still the most treatable. Although infants’ eyes are typically… Continue Reading

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