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Rajiv Luthra, MD

Laser-Assisted Surgeries

Laser vision corrective surgeries have made great strides in the past 30 years. The use of lasers in LASIK and cataract surgeries not only improves… Continue Reading

Do You Need Reading Glasses? 6 Things You Need to Know

Have you ever wondered if it’s time for you to get reading glasses? Maybe your vision is starting to get the tiniest bit fuzzy around… Continue Reading

Lose Years Off Your Face In Just One Hour

Wrinkles may come with age, but so does wisdom. Whether your eye lids are carrying excess skin, or your wrinkles have taken over your forehead,… Continue Reading

Eye Cancer

Cancer of the eye is a malignancy that starts and grows in your eye. A malignancy is a group of cells that are cancerous (non-typical… Continue Reading

Do you Need an Eye Doctor?

Everyone needs an eye doctor to evaluate eye health and catch problems early while they are still the most treatable. Although infants’ eyes are typically… Continue Reading

What Is Glaucoma?

More than 2.2 million Americans age forty and older have glaucoma, but one half may be unaware they have this potentially blinding disease because they… Continue Reading

“Laser” Cataract Surgery

A cataract is a clouding of the lens inside the eye, causing vision loss that cannot be corrected with glasses, contact lenses or corneal refractive… Continue Reading

Sports Eye Safety

From major league stadiums to small-town courts, America’s favorite pastimes make great memories for many. But for more than 42,000 athletes, those memories are ruined… Continue Reading

Are Your Eyes Too Dry To Cry?

Do your eyes feel gritty and burn sometimes? Does the slightest bit of air make your eyes tear excessively? Does smoke make you tear like… Continue Reading

Keep Your Eyes Young and Healthy

Preventive eye care is important to everyone because eye conditions and diseases that can destroy you and your family’s healthy vision can strike at any… Continue Reading

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