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85 Global Patents and Counting: Stefanie Lattner’s Impact on Brain Health
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85 Global Patents and Counting: Stefanie Lattner’s Impact on Brain Health

85 Global Patents and Counting: Stefanie Lattner’s Impact on Brain Health

Stefanie Lattner’s career has been a series of firsts. The serial innovator and entrepreneur began her working life helping develop one of the world’s first teleradiology systems, connecting trauma doctors and surgeons to community hospitals. Now, she has spearheaded another first: one of the first non-medicinal approaches to brain health and treatment for certain neurological conditions. 

Lattner is the founder and CEO of WeVibin Inc, a company that offers vibrational therapy for mental wellness. As the holder of 85 worldwide patents (and counting), Lattner is perfectly positioned to bring this new technology to the forefront. “We know first-hand what our customers go through, and it’s our mission to make a remarkable difference in their lives,” she says.

This first-hand knowledge of the struggles behind certain neurological conditions was gained through a personal connection — Lattner’s brother, who grappled with a neurological condition.  “As family members, we were left with little to no information,” she explains. “Throughout his life, medication certainly helped his most severe symptoms, but not without terrible costs in terms of side effects and quality of life.”

It was the side effects and diminished quality of life Lattner witnessed that drove her to study brain health and work to create a non-pharmaceutical solution for some of the most pervasive and debilitating neurological conditions.

A complex problem and an innovative solution

The brain is exceedingly complex, and conditions that affect the brain, such as ADHD or dementia, can be difficult to treat effectively. The traditional approach may be a combination of therapy and medication — or medication alone. 

Many medications can be relied upon to increase neurotransmitter release or target dopamine receptors. However, there are always side effects to consider with each of these medications, and some can often be as debilitating as the condition the medication is meant to treat. 

WeVibin’s technology addresses the various issues that come with neurological conditions, without the use of pharmaceuticals, through a research-driven approach that helps the brain “self-heal.” Called Squirrel Tamer, WeVibin’s innovation is a wearable device that can improve focus, decrease impulsivity, and decrease anxiety. The headset provides an immediate sense of calmness — there is no wait time for the therapy to “kick in” — and causes no systemic side effects. Because the headset is non-pharmaceutical, there is no hangover effect when you stop the therapy, and it is a great option for those in recovery from drug or alcohol use. 

WeVibin’s approach to brain health is two-fold. Along with Squirrel Tamer, Lattner’s team has developed the Squirrel Chaser app to allow people to test their cognitive performance. 

Lattner and her team work under the belief that each and every brain is unique. The Squirrel Chaser app caters to the uniqueness of each person by providing a way for them to test at home what works best for them, including anything from caffeine intake to meditation, to intermittent fasting. The software provides a variety of metrics, including the user’s reflexes, how long they can focus, whether they are in the right mindset to make quick decisions, and whether they respond better to visual or auditory information. 

Everyone can benefit from Squirrel Chaser or Squirrel Tamer, whether they have a neurological condition or not. “This new way to address an old problem enables treatment without stigma, in a safe and clinically relevant manner,” Lattner says about her platform. 

Making a difference 

Informed by her familial experience and years of study of how the brain operates, Lattner is committed to making a difference in the lives of WeVibin users. “Pharmaceutical companies have led us to believe that the only way to influence neuropathways and chemical release in the brain is by administering chemical solutions,” she says, hoping to change this traditional approach through WeVibin’s offerings.

Lattner is aware that there are other mechanisms available to tap into the brain’s ability to heal itself, increase focus, and attain overall improvement in health. She points to the phenomenon of the “runner’s high” as an example of a non-medicinal influence on the brain. “The simple example of a ‘runner’s high’ and the release of endorphins is one relatable example of other natural mechanisms that can physically and safely affect our brain,” she explains. 

It has taken years of experience, study, and dedication to come to the solution that WeVibin provides through Squirrel Tamer and Squirrel Chaser. It’s Lattner’s hope that what she has developed with her WeVibin team will positively impact the neurology field. In addition, she is hopeful that Squirrel Tamer and Squirrel Chaser will help individuals seeking an alternative to pharmaceutical intervention for their neurological condition or simply for the betterment of their brain health.

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