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Mental Illness: What To Do?

There has always been much said in the media about mental illness, particularly schizophrenia. There was the tragedy many years ago of the Yates family… Continue Reading

Manic Depression

About one in seven adults are diagnosed with bipolar illness. In the U.S. that is over 17 million adults. The illness occurs equally among men… Continue Reading

Psychological Benefits of An Organized Laundry Space and How It Can Impact Overall Well-being

Having an organized space can help improve our mental well-being in several ways. First, it can reduce stress and anxiety. When our surroundings are cluttered… Continue Reading

What’s the difference between a clinical social worker and a non-clinical social worker?

As a social worker, your job is to help people get the services and opportunities they need to improve their lives. Understanding the difference between… Continue Reading

New Book Offers Guidance For Weathering Life Changes, No Matter When They Happen

Studies have shown that the U.S. is in the middle of a mental health crisis, and experts say there is an immediate need for integrated… Continue Reading

Employment and the Mentally Ill

Employment, for most of us, has a practical and symbolic significance. Work is a mechanism used to provide basic needs of food, shelter, and clothing…. Continue Reading

Panic Disorders

Imagine you are in an elevator and suddenly you feel flushed and short of breath. Your heart is beating rapidly and you begin to perspire…. Continue Reading

10 Holiday Gifts for the Friend Who’s Always Stressed

The words “holiday” and “relaxing” don’t typically go in the same sentence. While the holidays are a time for merrymaking and selfless acts of kindness,… Continue Reading

Pursuing a Rewarding Career in Social Work

A career in social work allows you to improve the lives of many people. From young people to families and those older citizens, you can… Continue Reading

8 Things to Do When You Have Anxiety

Life can often be stressful for everyone. We usually deal with something taxing, whether paying bills, work issues, or personal problems. Moreover, the location you… Continue Reading

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