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Richard Hughes, DDS, FACS
Benefits Of Immediate Dental Implants
Richard E. Hughes, DDS
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Benefits Of Immediate Dental Implants

Benefits Of Immediate Dental Implants

An immediate dental implant is placed when a tooth has just been extracted. This sounds like a lot for someone to go through, but actually it’s not that bad. Dentists have been placing immediate implants for years.

The patients do not have to go through two surgeries and the extra appointments associated with extensive bone grafting, because the implant in many respects acts as the graft and is placed at the time of the extraction appointment.

The number of times one may have any discomfort is greatly reduced. There is less bone loss associated with immediate dental implants.

The only time you do not place immediate implants, is when the roots of the extracted tooth are close to the main nerve in the lower jaw.

The patient has their crown (teeth) placed on top of the implant much sooner, since the patient receives the implant at the time of extraction.

So, in this fast paced northern Virginia society where people are pressed for time, the immediate dental implant is something that can be a good fit for many peoples’ busy lives.

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