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Venetta Kalu, CNS, ND, MPHA
Water: A Basic Health Need
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Water: A Basic Health Need

Water: A Basic Health Need

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It is that time when resolutions of all kinds are made. There is nothing wrong with making resolutions, however they are often neglected or ignored when reality sets in. Therefore, make this new year’s resolution simple and healthful. The simplest most basic need that you must give thought to do for yourself in life is to drink water.

Many people say if water tasted better, they would drink it. There are many things we do that is unpleasant. Yet, we do them to receive the immediate benefits they offer. Although we do not always feel the immediate effect of drinking water, that doesn’t mean there are no immediate benefits. However, we mainly feel the immediate effects of drinking water when the body is very dehydrated or fatigued.

Let us cut to the chase, pure water is God’s choicest blessing to us. Taken freely and properly used it will promote health and healing. Taken freely it will supply the necessities of the system with help to remove toxic waste and it is the greatest benefit to assist nature in resisting disease. Toxic waste buildup is the precursor to a diseased body and the removal of that toxic waste is the first step toward building health.

Every cell in our body needs water for survival. Water is employed in order for these biological processes to work efficiently: absorption, assimilation, circulation, excretion, detoxification, lubrication, respiration, metabolism and internal body temperature control.

Our brains are approximately 80% water. Without enough water in our systems, our thinking becomes muddled; our actions, which follow our thoughts, become erratic. We become overheated and nervous.

A dehydrated body will manifest to a greater or lesser degree symptoms such as dry chapped lips, cracking skin, unclear thoughts, stress, depression, constipation, diabetes, high blood pressure, cracking joints, arthritis, angina pains, low back pain, asthma, allergies, overweight, headaches, dry eyes, and digestive problems to name a few.

There are different types of water available to choose from as follows: alkaline, distilled, purified, spring, mineral, or reverse osmosis. Basically, the type of water purchased should be clean and free of contamination.

To furnish the body with enough water, a good formula to follow is half your weight in ounces of water every day. For example: 160 lbs / 2 = 80 oz daily.

To use water therapeutically, a three-day distilled water fast is good to rid the body of excess toxins and give it a rest. Of course, consult your health professional before engaging in any fasting.

Let increasing your water intake be a part of your new year’s resolutions to fulfill your body’s most basic requirement to live wholey.

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