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Shannon Ginnan, MD
An Integrative Approach To Holistic Beauty
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An Integrative Approach To Holistic Beauty

Anti-aging and aesthetics are hot topics in our advanced society, and people can take advantage of all the technological advancements possible focused on improving their exterior appearance.

Although, what many people don’t realize is they can spend serious money for treatments to improve exterior beauty, but if they don’t maximize internal health, results of any treatment won’t be as optimal, or last as long as when one is in peak health.

It is striking how much better patients respond to aesthetic treatments when they are healthy and balanced. Most non-invasive aesthetic treatments merely provide a stimulus – the treatment creates a degree of controlled damage to the skin or the body – it is the body’s healing response that produces the actual result.

Addressing Imbalances To
Maximize Your Aesthetic Dollar

This is integral in treatments geared toward improving lines, wrinkles, texture, laxity, or scarring, and all these conditions require the production of new collagen.  A healthy body, with good stores of vitamins C, D, copper, and zinc, all necessary for collagen production, will produce much more collagen than a stressed and nutrient depleted body.

Nutritional deficiencies, excessive intake of inflammatory foods and sugar, elevated toxin levels, over-production of stress hormones, and poor sleep all require our body to use extra energy to function every day.  This negatively impacts the immune system, diminishing healing capacity.

While lab results may appear in the normal range, they may not indicate pieces of the puzzle you need to address to get your system “right”.  Functional medicine utilizes advanced metabolic testing, looking at things like gut health, food reactivity, detoxification capability, energy production, intestinal bacteria, inflammatory markers, and micronutrient levels, so we can figure out how to make your body function at peak capacity.

Functional and Rejuvenating
Dermal Treatments

Botox®, Juvederm® or other dermal fillers can smooth those unwanted lines, and also even treat migraines. Zerona® cold low-level laser lipo is used for fat loss and sculpting, as well as pain and edema. Why not consider advanced metabolic testing, (that’s often covered by many insurances), to keep your body in tip-top shape?  Your aesthetic dollar will go farther, your treatments can be more effective with better results, chances of side effects can decrease, and you may even be able to live longer to enjoy the results.

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