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Shannon Ginnan, MD

Integrative Hyperbaric & Wound Care

410 Pine Street Southeast
Suite 320
Vienna, VA 22180

Dr. Ginnan, an expert on healing the body from the inside-out, loves helping patients who feel they’ve reached the “end-of-their-road”, get better! Dr. Ginnan is well versed in functional medicine, which looks at the functional causality of a certain health condition, such as diabetes, and strives to treat the underlying cause of the dysfunction instead of just the symptoms themselves. Functional medicine allows Dr. Ginnan to improve the lives of his patients by finding and removing dysfunction and returning the body to a balanced state; decreased pain, increased balance and increased energy, to name just a few. These changes are orchestrated by thorough patient education and positive one-on-one interactions of Dr. Ginnan as well as those of the other holistic specialists of Virginia Integrative Health.

MD (301) 805-6805 | VA (703) 288-3130