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Shannon Ginnan, MD
Sports Injuries A Therapeutic Approach
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Sports Injuries A Therapeutic Approach

Summer is approaching quickly, and the warm weather tends to attract many weekend warriors back onto the trails, sports fields, and into the gyms.  Sprains, muscle strains, deep bruises, and repetitive motion injuries become commonplace, often sidelining people before they’re truly able to get into a healthy, long term groove.  Worse, this can be a set-up for tissue weakness that becomes susceptible to future injuries and long-term, chronic pain.  However, these can be addressed with therapeutic treatments to maintain an active lifestyle.

How Can Muscle Knots/Spasms Be Treated?

When muscles become overworked, pulled, torn, or have to work against skeletal imbalance or mal-alignment, they often try to “splint” themselves by going into spasm.  These spasms can lead to “trigger points” – knotted areas of muscle tissue that are sore, pulling on the surrounding structures leading to further imbalance and pain.  Injecting these trigger points with a fine needle, infiltrating an anesthetic and plant-based non-steroidal anti-inflammatory, can coax the muscle into releasing the tension, helping the body regain alignment.

Can Local Inflammation Be
Decreased Quickly?

The Zerona® cold low-level laser is an impactful therapy that when focused on damaged tissue, can decrease inflammation, swelling/edema and activate a healing cascade within the body.  A short painless treatment, two to three times per week, can reduce pain and increase your body’s own healing response to the injury significantly.

Are There Nutritional
Imbalances To Address?

While bolstering the body with proper nutrition prior to starting exercise is always the best strategy, nutrition after an injury is critical to allowing proper healing.  Tissue repair requires extra energy, which uses more B vitamins, extra building blocks, which require collagen, zinc, and vitamin C, and help preventing the inflammatory process from worsening, which can be helped by adding natural anti-inflammatories such as turmeric and fish oil.

How Can Electro-Stimulation
Aid In Staying Active?

Research has shown that applying an electrical current to the damaged tissue, especially following intensive activity, can improve the body’s ability to repair itself. Whether it be muscle, tendon, or ligament, it can also decrease an excessive inflammatory response and quicken healing time.

Utilizing therapeutic approaches to help activate different pathways of healing often yields faster recovery, and helps avoid long-term consequences. Combining these modalities with active stretching and balance exercises, and allowing proper rest before jumping back into the fray, can help maximize your summer activity.

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