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Thousands of articles on how to manage YOUR Health with topics from dental hygiene and aesthetics to pain management and heart health. Everything from prevention to curative health, from traditional to alternative medicine, you will find the information you need to live healthier. Each of these health topics and articles are written by expert health professionals to help you understand your health concerns.

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Alfonso Patron, DDS

Understanding Soft Tissue Grafting: A Key To Periodontal Health

Soft tissue grafting, often referred to as gum grafting, is a crucial procedure in periodontal dentistry aimed at restoring and maintaining gum health. Periodontal health… Continue Reading

Empowering Your Fertility Journey: A Personalized Pretest Initiative Accessible Through Your Primary Doctor

Introduction As a fertility specialist committed to making the fertility journey more accessible, I am excited to introduce a groundbreaking initiative that empowers individuals and… Continue Reading

Your Health Magazine

VIP Care: How Concierge Medicine Offers Personalized Approach to Healthcare

In an era where healthcare can sometimes feel impersonal and rushed, concierge medicine offers a refreshing alternative. Often referred to as VIP care, this healthcare… Continue Reading

Lifestyle Changes To Lower Cholesterol

If your blood cholesterol levels are not within the healthy range for your age and sex, your doctor may recommend heart-healthy lifestyle changes to help… Continue Reading

Your Health Magazine

How to get rid of stress

In the modern world, almost every person faces stress, which leads to the disruption of organs and systems, exacerbation of chronic diseases and cardiovascular diseases,… Continue Reading

Karl A. Smith, DDS, MS

New Solutions for Dentures and Dental Implants

Dentures are a good replacement option for patients who are missing all of their teeth, but only if they fit well. Why Are My Dentures… Continue Reading

Ade Adetunji, DPM

Hammertoes: Pain Of the Small Toes

A hammertoe is a contracture or bending of one or both joints of any but the big toe. This bending causes the toe to appear… Continue Reading

Edward S. Pozarny, DPM, FACFAS

Swollen Toe Or Ankle? It Could Be a Gout Attack

What Is Gout? Have you ever been awakened at night by a hot, painful feeling in your big toe or ankle? Did the painful joint… Continue Reading

Let’s Get Physical: Making Physical Activity a Part Of Your Family Life

Regular physical activity is good for everyone’s health, and people of all ages and body types can be physically active. May is National Physical Fitness… Continue Reading

Swathi Reddy, DMD

Commonly Treated Orthodontic Problems

Malocclusion (literally meaning “bad bite”) is the number one reason people seek orthodontic treatment. There are many different forms of malocclusion, such as: Crowding: Crowding… Continue Reading

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