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Henry N. Jenkins Jr., DC, CCEP

Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment

Peripheral neuropathy is a condition that affects the nerves that carry messages from the brain and spinal cord to the rest of the body. It… Continue Reading

5 Ways to Manage Chronic Pain

g with chronic pain can be an overwhelming experience. It brings physical, mental, and emotional fatigue that has a lasting effect on one’s well-being. It… Continue Reading

Erik A. Ward, DC

Managing Chronic Back and Neck Pain

Regardless of which treatments you are undergoing, it can always be helpful to understand your health condition before you start a self-conditioning program. If you… Continue Reading

Future Trends In Spine Research

The United States is the world leader in medical innovation by far. Over the past 10 years more medical drug discoveries have occurred in the… Continue Reading

Levi Pearson, III, MD, MBA, DABA, DABPM

The Different Causes Of Neck Pain

Neck pain is a common issue that affects many people at some point in their lives. The neck, also known as the cervical spine, is… Continue Reading

Chronic Pain and Depression – You Are Not Alone!

Advanced Imaging Techniques Can Now Help Identify the Source of Your Chronic Pain It’s no secret that chronic pain is more than just physically debilitating…. Continue Reading

Genicular Ablation For Knee Pain

Genicular ablation is an innovative option for treating knee pain without surgery. Usually it is preceded by a diagnostic block with local anesthetic agent. If… Continue Reading

Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy – Oh, My Burning Feet

Diabetes is an unfortunate affliction, which plagues the lives of millions of Americans. Most of us are already familiar with the basic understanding of diabetes… Continue Reading

Your Health Magazine

How Do You Know If Back Pain Is Muscular?

Back pain can be caused by many things, from conditions such as lumbar stenosis to a herniated disc. However, a lot of back problems are… Continue Reading

Kyphoplasty: Treatment For Spinal Compression Fractures

In the United States this year, 700,000 people and one out of every four post-menopausal women will suffer from a painful bone injury called a… Continue Reading

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