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Your Dependable Family-Owned Pharmacy

Kensington Pharmacy is currently owned and operated by the Tunc family. The family has three pharmacists: the Father and two daughters. More interestingly, all three are graduates of the School of Pharmacy, University of Maryland at Baltimore, which is one of the highest-ranking pharmacy schools in the country.

In early 1979, a few months after their wedding, Huseyin and Pinar moved from Turkey to Maryland and made Silver Spring home ever since. In mid-2005, Kensington Pharmacy which was also known as BJ’s Kensington Pharmacy was sold to a local chain and closed down permanently. That was the time, Huseyin and Pinar decided to reopen Kensington Pharmacy and re-establish the good old neighborhood pharmacy environment combined with the latest technology.

Since re-opening its doors for business in December 2005, Kensington Pharmacy has become a place where everyone knows each other, much like that beloved TV series “Cheers” (except, no alcoholic beverages, and cigarettes).

Stop by and experience the difference.

Meet Our Doctors and Staff

Zeynep T. Tunc, Pharm. D


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Melike Tunc, Pharm. D


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Kensington Pharmacy
3737 University Boulevard West
Kensington, MD 20895

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