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Naomi Judd’s Death Underscores Need For Mental Health Investment

We all know people who struggle with “life” and get depressed or down at times and the life of Naomi Judd tells us all that… Continue Reading

The Impact Of Mental Illness

The impact on people diagnosed with a serious mental illness is devastating. The devastation often is shared by family and friends. Anthony (1993) discusses four… Continue Reading

Talking To Your Aging Parents About Important Issues

Are you the adult child of an aging parent, or the aging parent of an adult child? If so, you probably know how hard it… Continue Reading

Trauma Is Real!

The category of “trauma and stressor-related disorders” is a new rubric for the variously named forms of post-traumatic stress disorder, shell shock, combat neurosis and… Continue Reading

He Shuts Me Down

Relationships often become complex and stressful when communication is non-existent. We often find that many perspectives speak to women’s needs, but what about that of… Continue Reading

Schizophrenia: Serious, But Treatable

Schizophrenia is a serious, but treatable illness which affects the brain. One person in 100 has this illness. It is a disease that makes it… Continue Reading

Stress and Stressor

What’s the Difference? Deadlines, work issues, panic attacks and excitement?! Which demonstrates stress and which demonstrates a stressor? Every experience you encounter has the potential… Continue Reading

Self-Sabotage To Self-Healing

The Journey To Healthy Dating Do you find yourself always assuming the worst in people, or tell yourself that dating is pointless, because of your… Continue Reading

Psychiatric Disabilities and Employment

Employment, for most of us, has a practical and symbolic significance. Work is a mechanism used to provide basic needs of food, shelter, and clothing…. Continue Reading

Wendy Mejia, LGPC

Surviving the Pandemic

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have seen an increase in children and adults experiencing anxiety and depression. The pandemic has generated a national… Continue Reading

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