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COVID Final Straw in Deaths

Paying attention to trends in COVID-19 is something most people are still doing on a regular basis and trying to base some of their activities… Continue Reading

Your Health Magazine

COVID-19: One Subvariant After Another

If you’re paying attention to the current conversation about COVID-19 you’re going to hear a lot about the potential for upcoming surges of the CoV2/Omicron/BA.5… Continue Reading

Your Health Magazine

How Is the U.S. Doing with COVID, Now?

We have been through a pandemic unlike anything anyone today has ever seen. Shutdowns, isolation, school closures, business shutdowns, masks, vaccinations, boosters, political controversy and… Continue Reading

Our Gas Has COVID-19 Symptoms

COVID-19 has been with us for over two years, and now it seems our gas has become affected with the virus. The gas has become… Continue Reading

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Have You Had COVID, Yet?

The COVID Mystery Where do we stand in terms of the pandemic now, and in the future? What are we doing as a nation and… Continue Reading

Your Health Magazine

100 Million New COVID Cases This Fall

Everyone has had COVID by now or knows someone who has and achieved some level of natural immunity. Most people have been vaccinated. People who… Continue Reading

Spring 2022: Is Covid Over?

The mask mandate has been lifted, and masks are only required in some establishments and schools now. Masks are still optional for individuals who are… Continue Reading

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Is COVID Over?

Current situation in the US as we approach 1 million deaths This is a question we’re hearing more and more every day. We’ve come through the… Continue Reading

Your Health Magazine

How Accurate Are At-Home COVID Tests?

Spring is here and in the US it feels like the end of COVID-19 is here, too. People are conducting themselves in a mostly normal… Continue Reading

Your Health Magazine

Will COVID Ever Be Over?

Two Years of Shutdowns, Infections, Deaths and Vaccines It has been a tumultuous two years encompassing all manner of shock, emotion, evaluation and re-evaluation. Everyone… Continue Reading

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