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Toni Greene, Owner
Our Gas Has COVID-19 Symptoms
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Our Gas Has COVID-19 Symptoms

Our Gas Has COVID-19 Symptoms

COVID-19 has been with us for over two years, and now it seems our gas has become affected with the virus. The gas has become contagious with the cost, and it is spreading.

COVID-19 has enabled us to think differently about our actions, thoughts, and behavior. Gas prices have gone through the roof. COVID and the price of gas have us rethinking how when and where we travel.

Before COVID we were able to go about our lives anyway we chose. Now, we must re-evaluate our travels. We must organize and plan our trips to work, the mall and our impromptu excursions and vacations.

We must reduce unnecessary activities. We can still take a drive, however now it must be planned according to the distance, and the price of the trip. Before COVID we could go anywhere we wanted to go with no thought of gas.

Airline tickets has gone up, food truck delivery to our grocery stores has gone up, even the cost of food delivery has gone up. Everything has gone up including insurance, utilities – everything, except our income.

We must be mindful of our travels to work, to home, taking the kids to school, summer camp, summer school and even summer vacations. We can still have fun, especially with activities close to home. We can venture out to the beaches, parks, museums, and other sites of interest close to home or the nearby states.

This new way of living is not so bad, it helps us to re-evaluate how much we waste because of the abundance we are so accustomed to having. We are now aware of how much we have been spending on our lifestyle.

Food prices are up. Gas is up. Insurance is up. But somehow, we are getting less. We are paying more. And getting less. What does that tell us? In a way it is a good thing, because we were out of control.

Before COVID we were all over the place. And now because of COVID, we are more organized and aware of our actions, our behavior, and our wastefulness. And that is okay. Adapting and changing is okay.

Being mindful and aware of our budget, finances, and lifestyle is necessary, so that we can learn how to live a healthy and happy, and believe it or not, free life. Free in our thinking. Because you are free. You are what you think you are. And when you plan according to the conditions and quality of your thinking you will and can continue to have a beautiful life and summer.

We are learning how to live in this new life of COVID-19 and its variants. The sooner we adjust, our mind, our bodies, our budget, our words, actions, and intentions, the better off and the happier we will be. Have a happy, safe, COVID-free summer. Namaste.

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