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Have You Had COVID, Yet?
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Have You Had COVID, Yet?

Have You Had COVID, Yet?

The COVID Mystery

Where do we stand in terms of the pandemic now, and in the future? What are we doing as a nation and the world? We’re seeing less and less cases and not hearing much about COVID on the news anymore. Cases and deaths are down, pretty much everywhere in the US. It seems like we have survived the worst of it and now are settling back into a sense of normalcy. People and the news cycle are much more focused on inflation, abortion rights, and gas prices. Even though that is happening all around us, there are still unanswered questions about COVID that we need to know.

A middle-aged woman with a husband and two children reports that she has tested positive for COVID. She is fairly ill, but not too bad. It only takes a day or two for her to start feeling better. But here is the curious thing, no one else in the home tested positive. Not even her husband who she sleeps with every night. How is that possible?

Take the scenario even further. She has tested positive and gotten a little sick three times, and in neither of those periods did anyone else in her home test positive.

They are all vaccinated which probably prevented her from having a more serious illness, and after she had it three times, her immunity is likely to be very strong, but she stills gets it, and gets a little ill.

This is a scenario we’re hearing more and more without any explanation from the government or anyone else. It raises so many other questions, too. Like, maybe the tests are inaccurate, or maybe some people just “can’t” get COVID. Whatever the answer is, doesn’t it seem like it would be of particular interest to the CDC and other institutions to find out exactly how those people can be in direct close contact with a COVID patient, but not contract it themselves?

This is a question we have all heard since the beginning of the pandemic. Some people just don’t get it! Is it blood type? Is it vitamin C or D? Or is it a combination of things? What is it? Nobody seems to know.

If there is a large group of people who don’t get it, or get it but are asymptomatic, wouldn’t that be a good place to invest some time and money to find out why?

We have reached a point where most people understand that vaccinated and unvaccinated people get the virus. The CDC reports we have had over 85 million cases since they started tracking it. But wait!  That’s only a quarter of the US population. Doesn’t it seem like everyone has gotten it, or should have by now?  This type of data definitely raises questions but there doesn’t seem to be any attention to answering those questions.

Maybe since we started getting at-home test kits people are testing positive and not reporting it, but that’s a pretty big discrepancy in the numbers.

People have learned to be a little more cautious, but these days there are mass gatherings in close quarters all over the place. But still, the vast majority don’t catch COVID. That’s 85 million cases (and some of them are the same people), which would mean 245 million people have not contracted the disease. Does that bother anyone?  Is it time for people to demand more answers from our government and trusted institutions? I don’t know but it seems pretty clear that there are still unanswered questions that as a society we would want those answers.

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