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Laurie Page, LPC
Women and Spirituality
LPage Counseling, LLC

Women and Spirituality

Sharon is 38, has a happy marriage and two good kids. She watches her diet, works out three times a week, belongs to a book club to stimulate her mind and has a supportive circle of friends and family. But, Sharon often feels empty, as though something is missing in her life. What she is experiencing is not uncommon.

Humans are complex beings consisting of a body, a mind, emotions, and a spirit. The emphasis on health and self-care often overlooks the importance of caring for the spiritual.

Spiritual health is not the same as religion, although many people do find spiritual nurturance in their places of worship. It goes deeper than emotion and can be more of a key to a sense of wellbeing than physical fitness. It is the core of person-hood; the moving sense of life within that connects with others in their human-ness; that creates a sense of connection with all creation and life.

The starved soul feels isolated and alone. It searches for meaning and finds little or none. It can feel happiness, perhaps, but misses the deep and stirring joy that it senses is possible. Women are particularly prone to spiritual starvation.

In the daily outpouring of career responsibilities, child-care, relationships, and errands, there can be an imbalance that may lead to depletion. Happily, the feeding of the spirit need not be a complicated and lengthy program.

A poem by Moslih Eddin Saadi;

If of thy mortal goods thou art bereft,

And from thy slender store two loaves alone to thee are left,

Sell one, and with the dole,

Buy hyacinths to feed thy soul.

Buy hyacinths to feed the soul? A simple thing, but the necessity must first be recognized. What have you done to feed your soul today?

Really look at a beautiful thing. Share your thoughts and concerns with your higher power. Listen to music that moves you. Sit in stillness and wonder at your aliveness. Listen to someone laughing. Let yourself cry at a sad movie. Begin to recognize that stirring inside that is your spirit, and welcome and encourage it to grow.

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