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Testosterone In Women Weight Loss, Sex Drive and Energy
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Testosterone In Women Weight Loss, Sex Drive and Energy

“I will supplement testosterone until I die, I feel so much better”, says Linda, age 60, a busy cardiac nurse practitioner. “My thinking is clearer, I have more energy, my knees don’t hurt, and my libido is to the moon and back.”


Testosterone helps both men and women desire to have sex as well as enjoy it to climax. Unfortunately, starting as early as the mid-30s, testosterone starts decreasing and around 50, this sex hormone takes a serious nosedive.

Thankfully, bio-identical testosterone replacement can help. With the careful monitoring and supplementation by her practitioner, a woman could increase her sex drive to more closely match her partner’s level of desire. In addition, testosterone replacement is remarkably effective in increasing vaginal lubrication.

Weight Loss

If you complain of feeling flabby, developing a belly and losing muscle mass, a little testosterone can go a long way. Especially if you are making the same effort to exercise and eat healthy.

Testosterone converts fat to lean muscle mass. It also signals our bodies to burn fat to increase energy. Therefore, naturally decreasing testosterone causes body changes that make maintaining a healthy body more difficult as we get older.


“I have so much energy and lost 20 pounds in eight months,” reported Leah, another bio-identical hormone replacement patient. “My moods are better and I can keep up with my husband. I haven’t felt like this in years.”

Testosterone works to increase the amount and quality of our red blood cells. This increase in oxygen and other nutrients increases vitality both physically and mentally.

Why explore the magic of bio-identical testosterone replacement therapy in terms of the science, benefits, risks, and modes of replacement?

You may notice

Improved sleep

Increased muscle tone

Decreased anxiety and mood swings

Increased energy and

Improved sex drive and orgasms

Live your life to the fullest with optimized testosterone replacement.

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