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Tran Khuu, DC
Working Hard But Not Losing Weight?
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Working Hard But Not Losing Weight?

Most people forget you need some sugar carbohydrates for muscle building and quality workouts. Reducing your calorie and carbohydrate intake too much does not provide enough fuel for your body to produce protein. To build muscle protein you need energy, which is best in the form of carbohydrates.

When you starve yourself throughout the day, your body will use sugar storage (glycogen) and fat storage, and convert muscle protein into carbohydrate (sugar) for energy, which is called gluconeogenisis. Furthermore, your body goes into starvation mode, your temperature lowers, you expend fewer calories, you sleep deeper and longer, and you absorb more calories.

Remember that too many simple carbohydrates have an opposite effect on energy level and blood sugar. These foods actually cause a short-term blood sugar elevation, which in turn lowers blood sugar.

Many clients find that by just counting calories and eating a low carbohydrate diet, they cannot lose their body fat and they are always hungry or tired. Learning which foods digest and absorb more slowly and do not raise blood sugar abruptly will help balance appetite cravings and metabolism.

If you balance the correct percentages and amount of the carbohydrates, proteins and fats along with your metabolism and activity level then food cravings go away and muscle synthesis will increase your metabolism.

Your body composition (lean muscle mass), gender and activity level determine your daily calorie needs. The more muscle you develop and the higher the activity level you exert, the more calories you can eat! Remember muscle burns a significant amount of calories even while you are asleep at night; fat does not. The key to anti aging and weight management is to increase your lean mass and decrease your body fat.

Your goal should be to raise your metabolic rate naturally through eating appropriate food. A customized nutrition program that is based on your muscle mass, age, sex and personal goals will promote weight loss and allow you to eat satisfying and healthy foods in restaurants, at home and on the run without feeling hungry or deprived.

It truly is as simple as taking a little time to learn about the basics of the science behind nutrition.

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