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Alissa Harakal, ACSM
Why Pilates Will Give You The Results You Want
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Why Pilates Will Give You The Results You Want

Let’s get real – we all want to look and feel fabulous.  We all want to have toned bodies that knock people off their feet.  We all want to feel like we’re in our 20’s again.  Could Pilates be the workout to help you reach all your fitness goals?  After all, countless celebs can’t be wrong.

To help you know if Pilates is right for you, below we will describe two of the benefits.  Of course, before you start any workout program, you should always consult with a doctor.

Reduce the pain.  Today Pilates is most known as a trendy workout for “A” list stars.  However, it started in WWI when Joseph Pilates attached springs to the beds of injured war vets to help them gain strength.  It began as, and is still a method of rehabilitation for the body.  The workout program first focuses on strengthening the small muscles in the body that helps support joints, improve posture and movement patterns.

It also has a focus on mindful movement or moving with the muscles that are supposed to be working.  Really concentrating on what muscles should be working creates a more effective workout, in less time.  Specifically starting your training at a small boutique studio will help to create a program that focuses on strengthening weak muscles.  When weak muscles get stronger, the tight muscles can relax, which allows us to move more efficiently and decrease pain.  In other words, Pilates will help your body feel better.

Tone and tighten the tush, thighs, arms and abs.  You may be wondering, what makes Pilates such an amazing workout?  Isn’t it just different crunches and basic toning exercises?  The answer is yes – many of the exercises can be found in other workout plans.  However, Pilates is different and helps people see results because of the difference in the execution of movement.

Pilates focus is on proper technique and movement in all exercises.  When you perform an exercise and focus on moving with the correct muscles, you will see results.  If you have problems “feeling” your muscles working, it is best to start with a certified instructor.  Modifications can be made for your specific body.  Sometimes, the most basic exercises will make the greatest impact on your body.

Pilates is for everybody, but following a specifically designed program is the key to feeling and looking your best.

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