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Ransom Jackson
Weight Loss Tips
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Weight Loss Tips

Q How does protein help someone lose fat tissue instead of lean tissue?

A By eating enough protein to maintain your lean tissue while losing fat, you keep your metabolism revved up. Every pound of lean tissue burns 14 calories per day compared to about three calories burned for each pound of fat per day. So keeping the lean and losing the fat helps you burn more calories at rest. This is also called the resting metabolic rate, or metabolism for short.

Q How does metabolism influence weight loss?

A Whenever you eat more calories than you burn through exercise and through your metabolism at rest, you will store those extra calories as fat. So having a higher metabolism can help you maintain your weight by balancing the calories in and the calories out. Exercises that strengthen your muscles will improve your ability to burn calories while at rest.

Fact Adults and children who watch TV while eating are twice as likely to eat “junk” food as opposed to fruits and vegetables.

Sadly, today's sedentary lifestyle for our society is raising the risk of obesity, diabetes, osteoporosis and other disorders.

Stop the epidemic

Choose to set the example by picking up an apple instead of an ice-cream bar. Turn off the television or computer and instead, shoot some hoops with your children or go for a walk.

Let's make the 21st century the century of wellness, family values and a better quality of life. Let's start today.

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