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Weight Control Why Can’t People Lose Weight On Their Own?

Weight Control Why Can’t People Lose Weight On Their Own?

The statistics are alarming and lead to the United States carrying the dubious title of “Most Overweight Developed Country In The World”.

• 70% of the population is overweight (BMI between 25-30)

• 30% of the population is obese (BMI greater than 30)

• 50% of the population are either diabetics or pre-diabetics

• $147 billion dollars a year are spent in the U.S. on medical costs attributed to obesity

If losing weight and keeping the weight off were easy, these ominous statistics would not exist.  Obviously, people cannot control weight (in most cases) on their own.

The “formula” for weight control is fairly simple to understand – eat less and exercise more.  Even more specifically, the dietary approach needed to control weight is increasing the amount of protein and vegetable consumption while decreasing the ingestion of carbohydrates, fruits, fats and alcohol.  Most of us pretty much understand what a protein is vs. a carb, what a fruit is vs. a fat and what alcohol is vs. a sugar-free beverage.  So, knowing what the formula is as well as what the food groups consist of, why can’t people follow this on their own?

To a large extent, we, as humans, are built as a weight-gaining species.  We experience chemical cravings for high caloric/sweet foods, reward systems are built around food/alcohol, social functions center around food/alcohol, and, metabolism dramatically slows with aging – more so in females.   I call these the “instinctual” parts of our brains.

The intellectual part of our brains tell us to lose the weight.  We know we will be healthier, lessen our chances of developing diabetes and other serious health issues, look younger, fit into our clothes and have more energy.

When finally motivated, people will then go on a “diet”.  However, dieting is a temporary event and long-term weight control requires behavioral modification.  To avoid “yo-yo” dieting people often need the help and support of a professional.  Medically-supervised weight programs can offer medications to boost metabolism/suppress appetite, dietary structure and support to achieve results that last.   Very importantly, “real food” and not shakes/bars/prepackaged foods are needed.

You can control weight, but don’t feel bad about needing help.

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