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Anne C. Crowley, MAc, LAc
Transformations Health, Weight, Relationships, Finances
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Transformations Health, Weight, Relationships, Finances

What is the one thing that if it changed for you right now, would make a huge difference in reaching your goals? Do you often think “if only that one problem wasn't here, my life could change”? The truth is it is always in our power to change our situation.

The first step is to change your “mindset” about the situation. Life will not always be rosy, but how you dance with problems or annoying situations will make all the difference. If you realize this is all happening for a reason, you are actually grateful for what it is doing for you. It makes you more powerful, resilient, patient. Whatever the “real” situation is, you are grateful for what it has done to make you realize your power. This is a very different way of looking at it, isn't it? Never, ever, play the victim. That only deflates your power and brings the exact thing you don't want.

There is one thing that if we realized it, would make this outlook so easy. And that is, “Nothing in our lives is ever fixed or solid.” And you are not a fixed solid self. Think about that. That means you can actually change in the next second. And, it's true. Too often we get stuck in the frame of mind, “its just how I am.” No, it's never just how you are. You can change in a heartbeat. And let's face it we only have so many heartbeats to work with. So, the time for change is now.

So, when you realize you have complete power over your thoughts, you can change your life, instantly. There will be such a feeling of freedom you have never known and that is priceless.

So, here are two techniques to get started that health and life coaches teach their clients

1. Write every day one to two paragraphs ” I am grateful for everything that is happening in my life right now. It gives me —–, ——–, ———.” fill in the empowering words.

2. Then on a second sheet of paper, “I now have a healthy, fit body. I eat healthy food and exercise regularly and I feel great. I am empowered to bring this into my life and make this happen.” If it is about other things such as finances, “I am financially abundant and have all the resources I need.” Exact amounts are helpful. If it's a relationship “My interactions and conversations with ———– are easy and effortless. All is well with us.”

The secret to both of these techniques, is to write it down, but most importantly to really feel it as if it's true. Just affirming does not do this alone. A good life coach can help you release any blocks that get in the way of you believing this, or feeling you deserve this. Diffusing blocks are huge for clearing the mind and achieving all possibilities. Take life by storm. There is no re-run, seize it all.

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