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Deborah Frantz, Owner
Small Changes Can Make a Big Impact
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Small Changes Can Make a Big Impact

Does this sound familiar?You fight traffic in the morning, toil at your desk all day (often through lunch) and fight more traffic in the evening.By the time you get home you're either too tired to exercise and cook a healthy meal or you're too busy whisking kids off to soccer practice. You repeat for five days a week.

How do we live healthy and keep our commitments to work and family? Making a few healthy decisions and minor changes can make a big difference.

Many Americans struggle as they try to make time for healthier habits, but the truth is that good habits don't have to be time consuming.The key lies in making small changes that have a big impact. A quick jog and a multivitamin every morning can make a big difference in someone's health and weight management, without taking over his or her schedule.

Taking a dietary supplement barely takes any time, and it can make up the nutrients daily diets lack.

Taking the stairs instead of the elevator can build a little cardio into a routine day.

Choosing water over sodas or coffee throughout the day can keep up hydration levels while chasing the munchies away.

These are small changes, but they can add up to significantly improved health. Are you healthy? Are you making positive changes in your health every day? Are you making optimal choices that are healthy for your body such as eating well and working out on a daily basis?

Health-wise that is the difference between surviving and thriving. If you are merely surviving, you are just getting by. But if you are thriving, you are progressively and actively improving your health every chance you get. You are living in your optimal body and experience peak performance and focus.

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