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Etwar McBean, MD, FACS
Reasons For Choosing Weight Loss Surgery
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Reasons For Choosing Weight Loss Surgery

Reasons For Choosing Weight Loss Surgery

Millions of Americans suffer from obesity and struggle with weight management over their lifetime. Effective weight management usually includes a combination of diet, exercise and lifestyle modifications.

Weight loss surgery offers another tool to assist with weight management. In fact, studies show that weight loss surgery offers the best long-term results in weight reduction. Common reasons that patients decide to undergo weight loss surgery are discussed below.

Sustainable Weight Loss

Many weight loss efforts result in temporary weight loss of a few pounds. Patients generally regain the weight and sometimes more once they stop the diet or exercise program that was started. Weight loss surgery offers an opportunity for weight loss of over 100 pounds that can be maintained over a lifetime based on a combination with lifestyle modifications.

Improvement In Health

Many patients with obesity suffer from a number of medical problems including diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea, heart disease, joint disease, among other things. Weight loss surgery offers an opportunity to reverse many of these health problems and provide better health.

Reduced Risk of Developing New Health Problems

Many younger patients see the effects of obesity on older family members and friends. They often worried about getting many of these health problems and the associated consequences. Obesity has been shown to reduce life expectancy by as many as 12 years. Weight loss surgery offers an opportunity to maintain health and offset the health consequences.

Elimination of Medications and Medical Treatments

Patients suffering from the health consequences are often on multiple medications to treat conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, back pain, depression. There are often treatment devices such as CPAP machine for sleep apnea or steroid injections for chronic joint pain. Weight loss surgery offers an opportunity to improve health and eliminate many of the medications and treatment requirements. It also means less doctor and hospital visits.

Improved Quality of Life

Many obese people have adjusted their life around the fact that they are overweight.

They don’t do the things that they once enjoyed doing. They limit activities with friends and family. There is a physical strain to be active as obesity leads to fatigue, shortness of breath and joint pains with activity.

Weight loss surgery offers weight loss such that many patients regain control over their lives. They get more energy, they become more active and enjoy life more.

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