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Etwar McBean, MD, FACS
Obesity and Your Health
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Obesity and Your Health

Obesity and Your Health

Long before the major health conditions set in, obesity has the effect of creating many problems. Most commonly, individuals that are obese tend to get exhausted and short of breath by walking long distances or climbing stairs. There is often pain in the lower back and the knee joints that limit activity. Sleep is often disturbed with snoring and getting up multiple times at night. These are often precursors to more serious conditions.

Coupled with that, many people that struggle with their weight avoid social events and activities that they enjoyed in the past. This often contributes to some degree of depression.

Then come the major health conditions that everyone talks about. These include sleep apnea, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, and arthritis, which are all a part of a longer list. These health conditions often require treatment with several medications that need to be maintained over a lifetime. The effect is a decline in overall health status and quality of life that is coupled to the high cost of ongoing medical care.

There are several options for weight loss including diets, exercise programs, medications and weight loss surgery. Each of these tools work well on the background of daily healthy lifestyle choices. Additionally, depending on how much weight loss is required the effects will vary.

Among these weight management strategies, weight loss surgery represents a significant step for those who have struggled with traditional methods. Not only does it offer a durable solution, but it also addresses the underlying health risks associated with obesity. It’s essential for individuals considering this option to understand the comprehensive nature of such procedures, including the preparation, recovery, and lifestyle changes involved.

Indications For Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss surgery is generally appropriate for individuals that are 80-100 pounds overweight and are being treated for the obesity-related diseases. Generally speaking, individuals who are 250-300 pounds and above tend to fall in the category of patients that would benefit from such procedures. Current weight loss procedures include the gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectomy and gastric band.

Results Of Weight Loss Surgery

The most important outcome of weight loss surgery is restoration of good health. Many patients lose the excess weight and have the medical problems go away. The medications often go away as well. Many patients are able to enjoy life in a way that was not possible before because of their weight. These procedures that were once feared have evolved such that they are performed with minimally invasive techniques and are now relatively safe procedures comparable to many other common surgeries.

Success with weight loss surgery as with all other weight loss efforts depends on a lifelong commitment to healthy lifestyle choices.

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