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Tiffany Daniel
March Madness: Ready, Set, Go the Holistic Way
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March Madness: Ready, Set, Go the Holistic Way

March Madness: Ready, Set, Go the Holistic Way

There are four crucial elements that must be made part of our daily healthy outlook on life in order to be successful: You, Commitment, Focus and the ability to Achieve.

If you want to lose weight (or gain weight), stay off that treadmill, out of the gym and don’t touch those weights until you’ve first taken a long, hard look at what you eat.

The trick to good nutrition (and therefore faster results) is to feed your body a combination of protein and carbohydrates every few hours. This ensures proper recovery from workouts and optimal energy levels throughout your day. Balanced nutrition is the key. For best results, you should eat 5-6 (small) meals each day instead of the “three square meals” you’re probably used to, or worse just one big meal a day.

Balanced meals are essential. You can do all the workouts in the world, but you will not be able to maximize your results until you fix the way you eat. That’s why you need to start with nutrition first, otherwise most of the time you spend exercising is wasted.

Another key factor is water. Drink half your body weight in ounces of water. You will need to drink even more, when exercising.

The next thing is don’t starve yourself. Stay out of starvation mode, also known as the catabolic state. This is a condition that is mainly caused by excessive training coupled with a lack of adequate nutrition, especially protein. In other words, the body is breaking down its own tissue. This happens when you don’t eat enough protein. Your body is essentially eating itself, which is not good. At this point, getting enough protein is extremely important.

Always start your workout with a warm-up. The goal of the warm-up is to get your body prepared to workout. It gets the heartbeat going and the blood circulating a little quicker, which should last no more than about five minutes. Don’t forget to include a stretch while warming up also. This will help get the body limber for your workout.

If weight loss is your goal, then for exercise combine aerobic with strength training. Aerobic exercise is excellent for your heart and circulatory system; it also helps burn more calories.

When you add on strength training, the goal turns out not to just be for building muscle for a toned, lean look on the outside, but the inside too, as muscle burns calories fast.

And last but not least, your cool down. Again, no more than five minutes is required.

That’s right, you’ve got it and now you are in the home stretch. Remember your goals. You’ve got this down to the “final four” You, Commitment, Focus, Achieve.

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