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Brandon Lemuel, DC
Chiropractic Care and Weight Loss
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Chiropractic Care and Weight Loss

Can chiropractic care help you lose weight? The answer to that is a resounding yes. Believe it or not, chiropractic care can and should be a big part of your weight loss program.

There’s no avoiding the necessity of a healthy lifestyle, to include proper nutrition and a consistent exercise program if weight loss is your goal. But chiropractic care can be an excellent complement to a solid weight-loss strategy.

Chiropractic care should be considered part of your total wellness plan. It can help promote weight loss, help you lose weight faster and aid in making the entire process a little more bearable. Numerous studies have shown that people who approach weight loss with a multi-faceted game plan tend to see better and long lasting weight loss results.

A chiropractic office is more than the place you go to just get your traditional adjustments. A “wellness chiropractor” is an expert in nutritional advice as well. They act as a great resource to work with on making changes to your lifestyle and provide advice on goal setting when you embark on a weight loss program. Because chiropractic care is an ongoing part of your health plan, the office can support you and keep you accountable in meeting your weight loss goal.

Studies have shown that overall, getting regular chiropractic adjustments helps with weight loss because adjustments remove spinal pressure. One of the main reasons that people quit an exercise regimen is due to injury or pain. Pain should be considered a signal that something is misaligned in your body. Removing spinal pressure helps eliminate pain and allows your muscles and joints to function properly. This makes exercise easier on your body. When your feel good exercising, you will become consistent. And consistency in following both your sound nutrition plan and your exercise program is the key to success.

A properly aligned spine along with a proper nutrition program puts you in a better position to process good nutrients and oxygen. The hard work you put in following your nutrition and exercise program becomes more effective. Effective and consistent nutrition and exercise means better results!

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