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Thomas P. Finley, OD
Through a Woman's Eyes
Dr. Finley's Family Eyecare
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Through a Woman's Eyes

Women do it all today; they're always on the go and multi-tasking. Having good vision and visual skills are essential. A yearly eye examination is the only way you can be certain you're seeing your best and your eyes are healthy and free of disease. Without good vision, performing many day-to-day tasks becomes near impossible.

Good vision does not simply mean having 20/20 acuity. It's important, but so are other visual skills such as

Good and efficient dynamic visual acuity far away, up close and in between. Your eyes must be able to focus properly and quickly from a far away object to an up close object, and then far away again. For example, looking back and forth between your cell phone and traffic while driving.

Good peripheral vision, peripheral awareness, and speed of recognition. It's commonly said that, “mom has eyes on the back of her head.” A lot of that has to do with peripheral vision. Speed of recognition is your ability to identify and react to visual situations.

The visual images from each eye should be equally clear and balanced, and work in conjunction with your fellow eye to prevent unnecessary eye strain (binocular coordination). This allows you to judge distances more accurately and reduce eyestrain.

It's also important to make certain your eyes are healthy and free of disease. Many eye diseases (cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration) increase significantly as we move into our 40s plus. Another change is our normal tears do not wet our eyes as well as they used to and our eyes become drier.

Symptoms of dry eyes are scratchy, sandy or gritty feeling eyes, eyes that water, and vision that fluctuates a lot before and after blinking. This is especially true in pre, peri and post menopausal women. New treatment therapies are continually being introduced to help relieve this chronic problem, so remember to tell your eye doctor.

Eyeglasses Can Be Effective
and Stylish

The first thing a person notices about you is your face. Make a good impression. Eyeglasses are not inexpensive, but compared to other apparel, their cost per time worn is significantly less, and they're functional too. New stylish eyeglass frames are also available to complement your appearance on any occasion.

Everyone requiring eyeglasses should have at least two to three pairs; one for back up in case something happens to the first pair, and one pair of sunglasses.

Based on your activity, your eyeglasses should vary. Glasses worn for “dress up” affairs should be different than glasses worn with your most comfortable blue jeans. Computer users should have glasses designed specifically to reduce eyestrain.

Eyeglasses for exercise and sports should be more durable and impact resistant than regular eyeglasses. Quality sunglasses with polarizing filters should be worn outside to protect from glare and harmful ultraviolet rays.

If you don't want to wear eyeglasses, consider contact lenses disposables, bifocal, tinted, etc. They are a nice, functional, and practical option for everyday use or for occasional use.

Take care of your eyes and see the world better. You deserve it.

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