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Lamont Bunyon, OD
The Most Important Sense Is Your Eyesight
Special Eye Care

The Most Important Sense Is Your Eyesight

Why the Need To Get Regular Eye Exams?

If there are problems with your eyes or your vision it can go unnoticed for long periods of time. A regular eye exam should be a very important part in preventing problems, before they damage your eyes. Your eye care practitioner can diagnose and treat problems before they progress and even prevent permanent vision loss. An early diagnosis is key in keeping your vision and eyes healthy.

A thorough eye exam yields far more information than you might expect. It not only provides your eye care practitioner with information to diagnose and treat eye conditions, but it can also provide insight into your general health.

The best time to see an eye care practitioner is before your vision gets blurry. Children should have their eyes examined at six months, three years, before school begins, and every two-three years going forward. Adults should see their eye care practitioner at least every two to three years, and annually after the age of 60. Contact lens wearers should be seen at least once a year. Getting a regular exam from infancy through adulthood will help ensure a lifetime of healthy vision.

Who Needs To Get Their Eyes Examined?

Everyone. Eye exams are essential for everybody, it doesn’t matter what age you are or your physical health. Eye exams are vital for maintaining optimal eye health.

Children: Children should have regular eye exams to ensure appropriate eye development and to assess the need for vision correction.

Adults: Adults should have regular eye exams to keep prescriptions current and to monitor eyes for early signs of disease.

Wearing Contact Lenses

A valid prescription from an eye care practitioner is needed for contact lenses which are medical devices that require fitting. Always seek the care of a qualified eye care practitioner before using contact lenses for your own safety. Furthermore, proper follow-up care by your eye care practitioner is essential. Over time your eyes change, often without symptoms or warning signs, which may put you at risk for developing potentially serious complications, including vision loss. Regular ongoing professional care can help maintain eye health.

Make sure to talk to your eye care practitioner about a recommended examination schedule. This usually ranges from every six months to every 12 months.

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