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Knee Pain: Top 3 Causes
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Knee Pain: Top 3 Causes

Prolonged knee pain can be debilitating, and affect almost every part of your life if you’re suffering from it.

What’s worse, is that your pain can be limited to a very small area, or completely engulf your entire knee.

Not only that, but the pain can come and go with movement and as you bear weight, or you can suffer from a constant throbbing pain due to most knee pain conditions.

So how do you know what’s going on, and how to solve the issue causing your pain?

First, here are three top causes of knee pain. Later, you’ll learn how to get free of your pain once you know what’s causing it.

  1. Knee Pain Cause #1Bursitis: you have small sacks of fluid that cushion your joints, called bursae. Sometimes one or more of these cushions can develop a condition and cause knee pain. Bursitis pain can be excruciating, and severely hamper your movement. Usually bursitis is easily treatable.
  2. Knee Pain Cause #2Osteoarthritis: typically affects folks over the age of 60, as it’s a degenerative issue in your joints. This happens when the cartilage in your knee shrinks over time. Where cartilage has vanished from your joints, your bones begin to rub together, causing terrible pain, hampering your mobility, and sometimes creating bone spurs.
  3. Knee Pain Cause #3Cartilage or Ligament Tears: Sudden shifting movements, sharp turning motions, slipping and landing incorrectly, and even car crashes can cause tears in the cartilage or ligaments of your knee. The two most common injuries are meniscus tears (cartilage), and ACL tears (ligament). Both these injuries can cause severe pain, that worsens as time goes on, and cause massive instability in your knee, to the point that it can “give out” on you without warning.

Now, the best way to treat your pain is to have your knee fully evaluated by an actual knee pain expert.

Then together, you should create a personalized plan to solve the root issue behind your pain. Don’t settle for just a general practitioner, and refuse “cookie cutter” solutions.

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