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Anthony T. Hardnett, DC
The Future Of Pain Management Is Now
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The Future Of Pain Management Is Now

The Future Of Pain Management Is Now

Introducing Three Technologies That Can Help You Live Pain Free

Ultrasonic Wave Technology

Ultrasonic wave technology uses sound waves that you can’t hear to penetrate areas of your body that are experiencing pain. These acoustic waves carry a high-energy pulse to promote your body’s own healing and regeneration process among the soft tissues and tendons, and to loosen up tight muscles.

It is most often used for patients experiencing shoulder pain, chronic inflammation, heel spurs, hip/joint pain, back pain, tennis elbow, and it can even be used to stimulate collagen production.

The procedure itself is completely pain-free, not is it uncomfortable. At most you may feel a light tapping, and it can be delivered over your clothes.

In many instances, these treatments can replace pain medications and help patients avoid surgery. A study of professional athletes revealed that ultrasonic wave technology created a positive result for 84% of the patients who tried it, with the positive effects lasting for up to three months.

Gel Knee Injections

Patients of all ages can suffer from knee pain with a wide variety of causes. Whatever your age, and whether you had a car accident, over-trained, or if you are experiencing the onset of osteoarthritis, gel knee injections can help. 

Many people are familiar with corticosteroids injections and the negative side effects they bring. Gel knee injections consist of refined sodium hyaluronate, which is a material very similar to the fluid that surrounds your joints, so there are no side effects.

The process of administering the gel is a quick series of injections. The extra joint lubrication from the injected gel helps alleviate your knee pain, no matter the cause, and allows for quick healing and recovery.

Gel knee injections have been proven to reduce inflammation, reduce pain, and enhance mobility. If you experience knee pain when walking, going up or down stairs, getting out of bed, or during exercise be sure to consider this natural option.

Pulsed Cold Laser Therapy

Lasers are very popular in healthcare these days because they are painless and they have amazing healing properties. Pulsed cold laser therapy is a new tech used to promote soft tissue healing. It is most popularly used for sports injuries like tennis elbow, sprains and strains, and general neck and back pain. It can be used for both acute injuries and chronic conditions.

The light from the cold laser is able to penetrate the top levels of your skin into the deeper tissues. It can be just as effective as anti-inflammatory medications. This makes it effective for pain relief, increased blood flow, quicker wound healing, increased natural tissue regeneration, and reduced scarring. 

Patients that are nervous or uneasy about needles, who steer clear of acupuncture,  are great candidates for cold laser therapy. The laser actually stimulate your trigger points the same way needles do, but without piercing the skin.

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