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Olivier Pelletier, LMT, NCTMB
CORE Increase Your Performance
Core Bodywork at The Restorative Health

CORE Increase Your Performance

Chronic pain and tension in the body are often caused by injuries such as sprains and strains, overuse, lack of exercise, poor posture and dehydration. Adults or children who exercise may share one thing with professional athletes the pain and the frustration of injury.
Getting hurt can greatly affect quality of life. Doctors visits, physical therapy, surgery and pain can lead to frustration, especially if exercise is an important part of ones life. In order to help you in the healing process or just for injury prevention, one therapy you can consider is CORE Somatic Therapy.
CORE Somatic Therapy is one of the most advanced myofascial treatments available offering deep yet soothing massage therapy, designed to increase optimal levels of performance and ease chronic pain and tension. CORE Somatic therapy works with the myofascial system that supports and stabilizes muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones producing movement and regulating circulation. This myofascial network gives the human structure its shape and form, and either allows or restricts efficient movement.
Sometimes, ignoring injuries can lead to further problems. A tennis player with a shoulder injury may rely more on the elbow or wrist, in turn damaging those as well, thereby suffering ultimately from restricted movement. By working appropriately with the myofascial system, CORE Somatic Therapy eliminates chronic neuromuscular strains and habits caused by overuse. It increases physical awareness, which allows for more efficient postural and movement patterns. CORE Somatic Therapy offers different kinds of sessions depending on your goals and concerns.

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