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John F. Kibby, DC
Be Comfy In the Garden
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Be Comfy In the Garden

Gardening helps you stay in shape, but since your muscles are doing tasks theyre not used to, it can also lead to aches and pains. Remember the five Bs to stay pain-free during gardening.
BLUEPRINT your day. Being too ambitious about what youll
accomplish can lead to aches later,
so plan what you would like to finish in one day, and figure on doing a little less.
BRING the best equipment. The sharper your tools, the easier they are to use, which means less stress on your body. If your shovel, forked weeder, or pruning shears look dull, take them to a home or hardware center for sharpening.
BEND at the knees when lifting or lowering anythingwhether large or small. This will prevent strain in your lower back, which bears the load youre carrying when you bend at the waist.
BREAK often. Take rests between tasks, especially since you may be working all afternoon. For every 15-20 minutes of work, take a three to five-minute break.
BLEND your tasks. Doing the same thing repeatedly may make the muscles youre using sore. Instead, rotate tasks every 10 minutes (weed, then rake, then dig, etc.).
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