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5 Reasons to Add Shockwave Therapy to Your Medical Clinic

5 Reasons to Add Shockwave Therapy to Your Medical Clinic

5 Reasons to Add Shockwave Therapy to Your Medical Clinic

Shockwave therapy uses sonic pressure waves’ physical properties to generate therapeutic results. The sound waves, usually short pressure pulses, are directed to the affected tissue to create therapeutic gains, such as elasticity renewal, plague obliteration, and pain mitigation without invasive surgery or medications.

Shockwave therapy is an excellent way for healthcare providers to deliver faster and smoother treatment to patients while boosting long-term chronic pain, strains and sprains, sports-related injuries, and bone spur outcomes. Adopting this treatment method into your healthcare practice is very beneficial. Here are five reasons to add shockwave therapy to your medical practice.

  1.  It’s effective for different medical conditions

Shockwave therapy effectively reduces pain and inflammation. It treats different musculoskeletal conditions, including chronic tendinopathy, dorsalgia, jumper’s knee, tennis elbow, sciatic pain, frozen shoulder, fracture, repetitive overuse and strain injuries, bursitis, Achilles tendonitis, and many more. It also minimizes fibrosis and calcification. Shockwave therapy is also successful when combined with other treatments, such as laser therapy. It also treats erectile dysfunction and kidney stones.

This treatment option allows you to expand your services and attract new clients. If you’re ready to add shockwave therapy to your medical practice, you can order quality equipment and machines from trusted distributors, such as Medical Wave.

  1. It’s safe and fast

Shockwave therapy is non-invasive and penetrates a patient’s skin without surgery. It improves patient quality of life and functionality, especially for those with tendon issues. The treatment is simple and quick and shows immediate results without the risk of bruising, irritation, or swelling that usually accompanies other therapies or treatments. The shockwave therapy treatment process takes around 15 minutes. This means you can treat many patients within a short period, translating to more revenue for your medical clinic.

  1. Better patient outcomes

While some patients get relief in one session, optimal benefits are experienced after a few weeks or months. How fast your patients experience shockwave therapy treatment’s full results varies depending on their symptom severity, pain location, kind of pain, medical history, and kind of shockwave therapy given.

Generally, it’s common for patients to require several shockwave therapy treatments spaced a week or two apart to see the anticipated results. This means the patients are highly likely to attend all the suggested treatment plan sessions and even recommend shockwave therapy to family and friends, resulting in more referrals. The improved patient outcomes can lead to better client retention.

  1. Easy implementation

Learning shockwave therapy is very easy, especially for medical professionals who’ve been providing manual therapy. Shockwave systems and devices have complete onboard protocols containing instructions and complete color imagery.

After practicing some of these protocols on your associates or yourself, you gain the confidence to start treating patients. Shockwave devices are minute and portable, meaning you don’t have to expand your clinic or make significant changes before you begin offering shockwave therapy services. Since the procedure is safe and has no severe side effects, implementing it in your clinic is easier.

  1. Patients want shockwave therapy

Patients in today’s information age want treatments that can effectively help relieve pain and other health conditions. They also wish for non-invasive, medication-free options for their pain. Adopting shockwave therapy in your clinic is an excellent way to meet client needs while earning their loyalty and trust.


Shockwave therapy is a great addition to consider for your medical clinic. Including it in your medical services can benefit you and your clients greatly.

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