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Marcia V. Ormsby, MD
SmartLipo Surgical Sculpting
Annapolis Aesthetic Surgery

SmartLipo Surgical Sculpting

The surgical removal of fat is not new, but has been refined to improve efficiency and safety over the past few decades. Liposuction, by any method, involves the removal of the entire fat cell, which is the storage unit for excess energy; we are born with a finite number and except for the obese, those cell numbers remain constant throughout life. When body weight increases to obesity, the fat cells begin to increase in number and size. The fat cells may become smaller in dieting, but they never decrease in number, unless surgically removed. The skin stretches, often permanently, to accommodate the extra bulk, and so we begin to weigh more and look fat.
Liposuction, removes the fat cells, reducing the area, but the excess skin that remains presents the next aesthetic challenge in body contouring surgery. One solution is, of course, to remove the skin, but that adds scars and may not be an option for everyone. Lately, a laser machine designed to shrink the skin has been FDA approved. The 1064 nm wave length specifically targets the undersurface of the skin and using a series of pulses, results in skin contraction and cellulite reduction. The skin, then, contours more favorably to enclose the reduced volume following liposuction. SmartLipo is designed to target damaged, stretch marked skin, improving the final, healed appearance.
Another technique for liposuction assistance is lipodissolve. But the procedure involves the injection of a toxic liquid, which dissolves the fat. This technique is under scrutiny for some unfavorable outcomes and may not be FDA approved. Consider what actually happens as the fat is destroyed in the body and is not removed. The body must take up the damaged fat and dispose of it, as well as the toxic liquid. In large areas, that process can take months and expose the individual to the risk of retained fragments with severe lumps and bumps, and even infection of the necrotic fat particles. Lipodissolve is not recommended for use and I have never offered it to my patients.
There are many procedures available, but, consider safety first and be certain that the results warrant the time and expense. These issues should be part of your discussion with your surgeon, who should be delighted to talk with you. You may see a variety of pre-operative and post-operative photographs. Additionally, you wish to talk with patients who have had the procedure you are considering. When diet and exercise alone cannot restore the form that you are hoping to achieve, if you are in good health and have reasonable expectations, perhaps a surgical procedure, skillfully, safely and artfully preformed, could assist in transforming you into the best that you can be. I am pleased to announce that I am one of the first in the area to offer SmartLipo.

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