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Patrice Perkins, Life Coach
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Your Brighter Outlook

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Image is your basic idea of who you are right now and what you perceive of yourself to become. We all have ideas as children of what we’d want to be when we grow up. We have our parents, television idols, sports players, music icons – and all you can think of is, “I’d like to be that person when I grow up.”

There are many reasons why that person is who they are:

They have desire (idea)

They were motivated

They had the right influences in their lives to support their dream

They worked diligently

They possessed the “can do” within themselves

When you find yourself with a desire to move forward, that is your green light. Your inner-self has given you this desire to cultivate, nurture and form into the best you. Meaning the “you” within. The idea you had as a child wants to be fulfilled. Only you have the tools to fulfill that dream, but you may not realize the path on which to follow. Understand, you should not nor let others undersell your “you”. That is not a motivator. The right influences are those that help to cultivate and role models that have shown you rewards of being diligent and putting in the work.

Life coaching is a great tool for aiding and guiding you down a much clearer path to achievement. Your coach will support you in every way possible and champion your growth to bring you a better outlook for your life’s success.

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