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Naomi Judd’s Death Underscores Need For Mental Health Investment
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Naomi Judd’s Death Underscores Need For Mental Health Investment

Naomi Judd’s Death Underscores Need For Mental Health Investment

We all know people who struggle with “life” and get depressed or down at times and the life of Naomi Judd tells us all that we need to take these matters seriously, if not, a lot more seriously.

How many people are faced with some type of mental illness? How many people suffer from depression? How many people are on the edge of the decision to end life?

It is remarkable in an advanced society like the US where fame and fortune are the prize sought by so many people, that mental illness doesn’t get the kind of attention other more identifiable and better understood diseases receive.

Human’s suffer with internal problems that manifest themselves in many ways and we see it all the time. Support groups exist for virtually everything. Individuals deal with all sorts of mental and emotional problems. Family members try to help them and support them. The medical and scientific community studies these problems. Yet, it seems we see an ever increasing number of cases of depression, drug addiction, and suicide in this country.

What do we do? This is the biggest question because there doesn’t appear to be a definitive answer. Judd suffered from severe depression. Both sides of her family reportedly suffered from depression. Generation after generation suffers yet treatments we have didn’t seem to work for her, and so many others.

Is it peer pressure, social media, a feeling of being left out, fitting into our social networks, or just a sense of security and belonging? It’s a tough, if not impossible question to answer.

What caused this tragic ending to a life most people would consider to be a great one? How do we know what to do about it?

Life is a struggle for everyone. It doesn’t matter how much fame and fortune you have. If you are beautiful and intelligent with a lot of money, it doesn’t insulate you from the trials and tribulations of life. Many of these struggles are a matter of mental illness.

Everyone should be sensitive to these struggles and do what we can to help our family and friends when they are struggling. Hopefully when we are struggling people will return the favor for us. We need each other.

People need to take the extra time and put the extra energy to move the needle in a better direction. It requires time, effort, and resources. We can do it. Keep the faith and do your best. That’s about all you can do.

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