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Pauline Belton, LCPC-ACS,  EdS, EDD
Mindset Does Matter!
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Mindset Does Matter!

Mindset Does Matter!

Did you know that your approach to life and anything you do in life has to do with your mindset? What you think, believe and embrace plays a major role in how you move in life – from how you approach your day to how you build your self-image and self-confidence. According to Psychology Today, people often find themselves thinking with either a “growth mindset” (the belief that a person’s capabilities and talents can be improved over time) or a “fixed mindset” (the belief that the capacity to learn and improve cannot be meaningfully developed).

How you view, react or approach every experience you have can be determined by your mindset. Mindset is your mental attitude or inclination regarding your experience. Let’s consider this, as you experience each moment, your brain triggers an inclination or mental attitude that influences a thought; a thought that influences a feeling and a feeling that influences a behavior. Your mindset influences how you will act and react in any given moment. If you have a negative mindset, “hurt, trauma, bully”, you will most likely spend your day attacking yourself and others because you do not feel good mentally, emotionally or physically. If you have a positive mindset, “joy, helpful, considerate”, you will most likely spend yoru day helping and enjoying yourself and others because you feel good mentally, emotionally and physically.

It takes practice to develop and nurture a growth mindset. Here are a few tips:

  • Self-care: learn how to truly take care of yourself mentally, emotionally and physically. It’s not just about taking the day off, getting a massage or deep breathing. Truly taking care of yourself also means getting to know who you are and who you really want to be in life. Be good to you!
  • Learn from your Experiences: Experience the good, the bad, the ugly then learn the lessons that will grow you. This is not easy however it is rewarding. Remember, you are human! You make mistakes, yet you are strong, smart and can make better decisions once you learn what not to do.
  • Create a morning and night routine: Having a morning and night routine that supports your internal and external systems will help you manage your mental health and wellness each day. Slow down, pace yourself, pamper and affirm yourself for a job well done (or for making it through the day) and for getting up and facing the day with a smile.

Mindset matters and so do you. Take time to create a growth mindset for you. The world will benefit.

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