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Holly Dunbar, CMT, RH (AGH)
Holiday Ambiance and Essential Oils
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Holiday Ambiance and Essential Oils

Fragrant smells are often associated with holidays and trigger pleasant emotions with their aromas. Christmas is particularly rich in fragrant aromas balsam, pine, cinnamon, citrus, and peppermint are a few scents that one may associate with this holiday. Using essential oils in the home can help invoke a more festive atmosphere, and provide other benefits as well.
Our sense of smell is associated with the limbic system of the brain, which has much to do with our creativity, memories, emotions, and desires. Using essential oils, the basis of the healing art of aromatherapy, strengthens this mind-body connection and can facilitate better communication and more positive emotions. While the holidays are fun, they also bring added responsibilities and stress, so this is a great time to utilize the oils and other aromatic natural resources. The oils help us to reap the benefits of the holidays, and come into the New Year refreshed. Consider the following ideas to create a sense ambience, and promote a healthy home environment
Utilize the refreshing scent of all the citrus fruits. Dilute lemon, orange, or grapefruit pure essential oils in distilled water for a natural room spray. The citrus oils are naturally antiseptic and antiviral, so use this mist frequently, especially when the house is full of guests. One could also place cloves in oranges for an attractive natural centerpiece, or utilize leftover citrus peels with a stove top potpourri with cinnamon sticks.
Pine and other evergreen branches are a standard holiday decoration. Pine oil, and other members of the pinaceae family, including firs, spruce, and certain cedar oils, are antiseptic, stimulating, and respiratory tonics. They are a great choice for room sprays or for use in diffusers, especially for people with chronic breathing problems, or those prone to frequent colds or bronchitis. Simply placing fresh cut branches throughout the home is an inspiration to breathe in their refreshing smell.
Add a couple drops of pure cinnamon, peppermint, or the above mentioned oils to an unscented candle. As the melted wax mingles with the oil, the aroma will reveal itself. This is a more subtle, and healthier alternative than artificially scented candles.
Add a couple drops of frankincense oil to a tissue and seal it in a plastic bag. Take it out throughout the day and breathe deeply its unusual, clean odor. Unlike the heavy scent of the incense burned in church, the oil has a balsamic, dry, expansive note that is very beneficial to the lungs. Frankincense is considered a strong immuno-stimulant, and has anti-depressive properties as well.

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