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Kathy Mellott, AuD
Hearing Aids Made For Active Living
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Hearing Aids Made For Active Living

Todays generation of hearing instrument wearers are more active than ever before. They need a hearing solution thats easy to wear, water-resistant, rechargeable, and offers unrivaled hearing performance. Thats why Siemens created a new kind of receiver-in-Canal (RIC) system Siemens CENTRA Active.
AquaProtect System
For Worry-Free Activity
CENTRA Active wearers dont have to worry about working up a sweat. AquaProtect system is an array of innovations that make the instrument resistant to sweat, moisture, humidity, and other debris.
A clip-on microphone cover with an integrated GORE membrane provides an effective barrier against perspiration, water, other liquids, dust, dirt and microparticles.
The housing features nanocoating, a Siemens exclusive, that repels water and prevents moisture and debris from leaking into the instrument.
The dome features C-Guard, a membrane-like barrier that seals off the receiver to protect against cerumen and humidity and can easily be replaced by the wearer.
Rechargeable Freedom
CENTRA Actives charger is easy to use. Up to two instruments can be charged at the same time, and they dont even have to be turned off because the charger will do it automatically. A single nights charge about five hours for a fully drained battery provides enough power for a full day and evening. CENTRA Active also runs on regular size 13 batteries if desired.
Unsurpassed hearing performance
Like all CENTRA instruments, CENTRA Active provides the most natural, personal, and comfortable hearing experience possible thanks to superior technology
SoundSmoothing – is the first and only sound suppression system that automatically distinguishes transient noises from speech.
DataLearning – does more than simply collect data, it actually learns the wearers volume preference for each program and automatically adjusts for optimal hearing in any environment.
e2e wireless – synchronizes the signal processing of both instruments in a binaural fitting, continually sensing the listening environment and automatically aligning selected core sound processing.
Automatic feedback cancellation – features a new algorithm with adaptive speed control that selects the optimal adaptation speed to eliminate or reduce feedback.
Automatic speech and noise management – reduces distracting sounds without compromising speech and provides comfort and excellent sound quality.
Automatic and adaptive directional microphone system – improves speech intelligibility in noisy situations where there may be several competing noise sources.
An optional ePocket remote control for easy wearer control and data read-out is also available.
Not every hearing aid is appropriate for every hearing loss, or for every person with a hearing loss. Your audiologist can determine which hearing aid(s) will provide the most benefit for your particular hearing difficulty.

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