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Mary Lee Zetter, LCSW-C
Do You Have Desire To Lose Weight?
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Do You Have Desire To Lose Weight?

Weight reduction can be done systematically and effectively if you desire to make changes in your eating habits and lifestyle. Is your goal to make weight reduction a permanent part of your life? There are medically proven methods. Applied kinesiology is a method of muscle testing that determines which foods you may be sensitive to. We crave foods we are sensitive to. We tend to fill up on unhealthy foods such as high calorie sweet and high-fat satisfying foods.
All healthy lifestyles include frequent, regular exercise. Walking is a perfect example of movement toward exercise. It is not stressful to your body, accessible to all and easily fits into busy schedules. Walking is fun, easy, and an aerobic activity done often and briskly.
Walking may improve your levels of HDL cholesterol (the good cholesterol that clears fatty deposits out of your arteries). Even low-intensity exercise has been shown to increase HDL. Walking at a moderate pace (two miles approximately 25 minutes) is a great low intensity exercise. Before you launch into your walking program, we suggest you take the walk test to determine your exercise level (free upon request). Not only is walking a great exercise, it is also a great stress reliever. Time to be alone or with a friend, time to meditate, pray, or just enjoy nature. Walking gives you a feeling of being alive.
Emotional Eating
Managing Cravings
FDA information 50 million Americans will go on diets this year. Weight is difficult to keep off without an entire program designed to address how bodies react to deprivation. Craving sugars and fats can be an attempt to “medicate” ourselves into a calmer state. It is important to understand and clear the root cause of emotional eating that sabotages success in losing weight. Emotional acupuncture or massaging the meridians that correspond to different organ and emotional systems in the body can be utilized. One common meridian that directs energy to the stomach and relates to deprivation, anxiety or disappointment is located on the ridge under the eye. By massaging or tapping on the ridge while saying “I release all my anxiety or cravings and all of its roots and causes,” may relieve discomfort for the moment. This is a very small part of a larger program that contributes the “calming down” long enough to consider how much to eat or what types of food to eat during the weight loss process.
Fast foods and busy lifestyles
promote this major epidemic of
over weight people in our world today. Eating less per meal and more meals per day, cuts calories and hunger pangs. A balanced scientifically prepared plan fits busy lifestyles and has been proven to be effective. Even if it takes counseling and hypnotherapy to succeed, be a leader and an example to those you know and love! Nothing is as enjoyable and satisfying as success!

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