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Ayman R. Hakki, MD
Acne Scars? New Procedures May Help You Obtain Fresh, Clear Skin
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Acne Scars? New Procedures May Help You Obtain Fresh, Clear Skin

If you walk into a room and you feel that everyone is not looking at you, just your pock marks, you are not alone.
Millions of women and men suffer from acne scarring. This suffering
is unique in that it takes on a proportion that is huge in comparison to the actual deformity. Thin, well off and overall attractive people lose all their self confidence due to those pesky pock marks.
For the longest time doctors have commiserated with these patients and have been unable to give them a solution that is permanent and objectively worth while. This situation has dramatically changed.
Today, we are able to offer a solution and tailor it to the patients condition in a way unheard of a few years ago. Acne scarring can be classified as a combined injury to the epidermis (the top layer of the skin), the dermis (the middle layer) and the subcutaneous skin (the fat layer deep to the skin).
Dermatologists can virtually cure any eruptions with Acutain, a strong but side effect-laden treatment that can stop active acne in its tract.
The easiest and most inexpensive procedure treats the epidermal injury (superficial). It involves preparing the skin with creams then performing a simple in-office TCA chemical peel. Medium deep scars can be treated with an ultra pulse laser resurfacing.
For the more aggressive deep pitting injuries, there is a radical fat restructuring treatment that plumps up the subcutaneous layer. In extreme cases, all three treatments can be done. This costs much more and takes longer to recover from, but is dramatic in its results.
So, what degree of injury do you have? Only a trained professional can answer that question.
Consult your board certified dermatologist to stop all active eruptions. Then consult a board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon to help with the lasting effects of this condition.
If you suffer from the more severe form of acne scarring help is here, but it is at a substantial cost and the risks are in line with the great results that can sometimes be achieved.
No one solution is going to work for every case of acne scarring, but an informed step by step approach can assure you that what acne scar victims thought was impossible is no longer so.

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