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A Helpful Guide To Finding Mental Health Treatment
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A Helpful Guide To Finding Mental Health Treatment

Getting the mental health treatment you need is not always easy. There are typically many obstacles to get through on the path to healing, including finding a facility that you can trust. You not only need to find a center with evidence-based treatments that support their services but one that you can afford.

Not every mental health facility offers financial accommodation or has an educated staff to guide you toward recovery. Still, finding the best of both worlds is possible, no matter how difficult it may seem. All it takes is the know-how of where and what to look for.

If you want to get started with mental health treatment, use this article to point you in the right direction. Below, we present a guide on finding an inpatient mental health treatment that may work for you. Continue reading to learn more.

Understand the forms of treatment.

Treatment for mental health concerns is typically divided into inpatient mental health treatment and outpatient care (these may be customized to meet patient needs). Levels of care can include:

  • Temporary hospitalization and part-time inpatient care (referred to as inpatient-outpatient).
  • Your treatment may occur at a treatment center, hospital setting, or both, depending on the level of care and what the organization offers.

You can contact a potential treatment facility for intake protocols. You may be recommended a level of care during your consultation based on your needs and whether your insurance will cover the treatment costs.

Know the signs of inadequate inpatient mental health treatment centers.

Unfortunately, many treatment facilities are primarily interested in making money. If you notice any of the following red flags, it is advised that you seek elsewhere for options that are more affordable and effective in achieving recovery.

  • The center boasts luxurious amenities (fitness rooms, juice bars, etc.).
  • The center has a staff primarily comprised of volunteers (lacks medical professionals).
  • They guarantee treatment outcomes (i.e., 3-day detoxes, 5-day workshops, etc.)

Know what to look for in a center.

The goal of treatment is to get better, not to go on a retreat or vacation. Look for centers that offer financial assistance and a “no-frills” approach to treatment. You need qualified staff and care plans supported with evidence-based treatments. Ideally, a comprehensive range of inpatient mental health treatment modules and family therapy is the best approach.

Don’t stray far from home.

Many people assume that you must take an expensive trip to another state to find qualified mental healthcare, but this is false. There are likely treatment centers in or near your area with the tools you need to recover. Research inpatient mental health treatment options near you and surrounding regions to find a center that’s a good fit for your needs.

Support your wellness journey.

The best inpatient mental health treatment facility is one that is affordable, close enough to you, and that will deliver effective treatment outcomes. Your recovery depends on the skills you learn to cope and the psychiatric intentions that will support your wellness journey.

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