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Tammy Leiner, Thermographer
Why Not ‘SPRING’ Into Women’s Health Month?!
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Why Not ‘SPRING’ Into Women’s Health Month?!

Why Not ‘SPRING’ Into Women’s Health Month?!

The Holiday decorations come down. The gym memberships and diets fade. Yet, we still have that need to get healthy, feel better and thrive!

A health check is the perfect opportunity to get inspired and kickstart your reset into summer!

Consider a Women’s Wellness Thermography Screening.

This non-invasive tool can visualize so many different areas – safely, effectively and affordably.

This test assesses not only areas needing improvement – but what is working just fine. Some of the many things thermography assesses:

  • Functional:  includes Thyroid, Upper & Lower Digestive, Sinus & Lymphatics
  • Inflammation: Sinus, Dental, Liver, Spine, Ovaries, Uterine
  • Vascular: Breast health, Carotid Artery 
  • Also: Circulatory, Lung, Kidney health. Regularly Priced: $349

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