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Washington Open MRI
The World’s Most Advanced MRI Scanner
Washington Open MRI
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The World’s Most Advanced MRI Scanner

The World’s Most Advanced MRI Scanner

Truly Non-Claustrophobic Open MRI Scan

Your doctor says you need an MRI. But for most patients MRI procedures are unnecessarily anxiety-producing. 

Especially if you are only familiar with the older technology “closed tube” MRI scanners. 

Washington Open MRI has the world’s first and only advanced positional MRI scanners that allow you to be scanned either lying down, or in the sitting or upright positions. Our unique positional MRI can provide superior imaging of any body part in the position that allows your doctor to more accurately diagnose your medical condition. Positional MRI technology is a painless procedure that does not use harmful x-rays. This is especially important with orthopedic studies, allowing you to be imaged in the “position of pain” which allows your doctor to much more accurately visualize the problem when and where you are having it and, in return, more accurately identify the proper course of treatment. Flexible patient positions that are impossible on conventional “lie-down” MRI scanners are routine at our Stand-Up/Sit-Down Open MRI locations. Our MRI scanners virtually eliminate feelings of claustrophobia or PANIC and ANXIETY that many people feel during a traditional MRI study. 

While providing superior images is our number one priority, patient comfort and convenience are important, too. Relax while watching TV and enjoy a stress-free experience not available at any other MRI facility. When you are scheduled to have an MRI a family member can be with you in the MRI suite during your scan. This is especially important for patients who want the safety and security of a trusted family member with them during the procedure. Also a plus for older patients or those with dementia. Sedatives are usually unnecessary so you can go back home or work immediately after your scan. 

Our staff radiologists have 40+ years of experience and will review your images and provide your report to your doctor promptly. After the interpretation is completed, your report and images are immediately sent to your doctor and you will receive an email or text with a link to your images and MRI report.

Washington Open MRI has six convenient locations as a trusted advisor serving our medical community for over three decades. We offer attention to detail that is unsurpassed.

Call 866-674-2727 or email scheduling@womri.com to schedule your scan today!

Washington Open MRI – “The Better MRI at Any Angle”™.

Let us prove it to you as we have done for over 250,000 patients.

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