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Lisa Ennis, Trichologist, WTS
Living With Alopecia
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Living With Alopecia

There are so many different types of alopecia – alopecia areata (when the hair falls out in small patches), alopecia universalis (complete hair loss of the scalp and body); and alopecia totalis (complete hair loss on the scalp are just a few.

Hair loss can affect anyone at any time, it doesn’t matter your walk of life, your occupation, your economic status, however the color of your skin can put you at risk. Black and hispanic women are at a higher risk. Stress itself is not enough to cause the disease.

Recently congresswoman Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts revealed that she was losing her hair. Yes, the congresswoman has the autoimmune disease alopecia. How does alopecia become an autoimmune disease? Like other autoimmune diseases, alopecia is when the body attacks its own hair follicles resulting in hair loss.

Congresswoman Pressley shared that having hair loss made her feel naked, exposed, vulnerable, embarrassed, ashamed and betrayed. How many of you have ever felt those same feelings? You are not alone. Make peace with alopecia. Congresswoman Pressley states, “find joy in your options.” Yes, you have many many options, from scalp cocktails (which will detoxify and promote hair growth) to hair units (custom wigs). You have options.

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