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Balvant Arora, MD, MBA
Keralase: Emerging Technology In Hair Loss
The Hair Loss Clinic
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Keralase: Emerging Technology In Hair Loss

Hair loss is the most common problem faced by millions of people today. Baldness, hair thinning, damaged hair are some of the major issues of hair loss. There are many topical solutions and minimally invasive treatments available in the market. However, their effectiveness and results vary from patient to patient. That is why, a new effective and potent treatment called Keralase is being introduced to tackle these issues and optimally promote hair growth.

Keralase treatment uses the combination of Lutronic LaseMD laser and skin proteins (KeraFactor Serum). The laser creates non-ablative micro-channels into the epidermis and upper dermis of the scalp without harming hair. Then KeraFactor Serum is applied. These microscopic channels allow maximum penetration and five times higher absorption of the KeraFactor scalp stimulating serum. KeraFactor is a serum that has a concentrated blend of beneficial growth factors, proteins with nanoliposome coating that helps in easy penetration into the scalp skin.

The peptides in the KeraFactor serum support increased blood supply and transit resting hair into an active growth state, ensuring optimal hair growth and healthy hair rejuvenation. The peptides are up to 1000X more concentrated than found in platelets. In this treatment, there is no need to draw blood or inject anything; hence, no pain throughout the whole procedure.

At the time of procedure, the scalp is cleaned and required sites or problem areas on the scalp are treated with the LaseMD laser, and then KeraFactor serum is applied. The treatment usually takes approximately 15-20 minutes. One may feel a little tingling or warm prickling sensation during the laser treatment; however, there is no significant pain or discomfort during the whole procedure.

As it is a zero-downtime treatment, one can go back to normal schedule immediately post-treatment. One may use a hat or other hair accessories and resume other activities like exercise after the treatment; however, it is recommended that patients do not wash their hair until the next day.

The doctor may recommend supplements and medicated shampoos and conditioners along with some other hair care products, which help the hair growth even more.

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