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Lisa Ennis, Trichologist, WTS
I Am Not My Hair (Loss)
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I Am Not My Hair (Loss)

Recently Ricki Lake opened up about her secret struggle with hair loss. She stated it has been debilitating, embarrassing, painful, scary, depressing and lonely.

She and You are not alone. Fifty percent of women in their lifetime deal with hair loss. Don’t let hair loss define you.

Ricki stated she learned not to laugh at people with weaves nor people wearing wigs, because she found herself wearing them.

Like many, Lake suffered in silence. No more – you don’t have to suffer in silence! You didn’t choose to lose your hair.

What Are Some Of The Causes Of Female Hair Loss?

• Stress

• A medical condition

• Weight loss (yes, weight loss)

• Genetics

• Lack of iron

The above are just a few, but there are more.

There Are Many Types Of Hair Loss. Here Are a Few:

• Female pattern hair loss

• Cicatricial hair loss (which happens most in black women)

• Telegen effluvium

• Anagen effluvium

• Hormonal hair loss

• Trichotillomania

• Alopecia areata

The above are just a few types of hair loss.

Remember you are not alone. Reserve an appointment for a hair and scalp analysis. Enhancements are also an option. You are not your hair (loss).

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