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Jeffrey L. Brown, DDS
Beautiful Joints Make Beautiful Smiles
Sleep & TMJ Therapy
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Beautiful Joints Make Beautiful Smiles

Beautiful Joints Make Beautiful Smiles

Many people have TMJ disorders, suffering pain on a constant basis. This prevents them from leading a fulfilling and happy life. Let’s face it people, if you are hurting all the time, you are not going to be able to sleep as well as you should, and quite honestly you are not going to be all that pleasant to be around. This month’s focus is on beauty and health and great smiles so let’s go with the flow and help you understand why the jaw joint is so important to looking and feeling good.

Did you know that slipped discs in the jaw joints directly correlate to sleep apnea? That’s right, if your TMJ discs are out of place, you are more likely to clench and grind your teeth at night. All that clenching and grinding tightens up the muscles of the head and neck which means your airway becomes narrow and this is one of the causes of sleep apnea. With many of the patients who have an underlying slipped disc issue, when that problem is addressed, they feel better and sleep better. Sleeping better means your body can heal more effectively due to the production of more nitric oxide, so you can smile more the next day.

Another reason why the slipped discs can make you frown is that when those little discs are out of place, they cause imbalances in the cranial bone system. What this means is that if the discs are not in their proper place, the jaw bone works unevenly kind of like if the front end alignment is not quite right in your car, the tires will wobble all over the place.

Well, the jaw joints are the same; when the discs are out of place it will wobble around and this will affect how the bones in your skull react to the stress of that wobbling. In other words, the slipped discs cause an uneven pulling effect on your bones and can twist them out of shape. This will cause the bones to look uneven on an x-ray and this is a telltale sign something is amiss.

When a person’s face is asymmetrical, this is perceived as being less beautiful compared to a person whose face is nice and even all around. We really do judge each other on appearance and this is something no one really talks about, but uneven faces are simply not as pretty as the face that is level.

Maybe it is a bit presumptuous to say we judge each other on our looks, but when you meet a person the first time, that is oftentimes all you have to work with. Research confirms that we are more attracted to a beautiful face, maybe it’s being prejudicial but after all we are all human beings and we judge each other every day. So the bottom line is this get your TMJ happy and you will be happier too.

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