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Robin Hopkins, LMT
What Is Kinesio-tape?
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What Is Kinesio-tape?

Understanding theEffects and Results

Although K-tape (kinesiology tape or kinesio-tape) has been around for years, its popularity has grown recently in the past six years or so by athletes and healthcare providers who use it for pain reduction, stability and better performance.

It is defined by RockTape as a special kinesiology/sports tape that provides support while allowing full range of motion. But K-tape is not limited to just athletes. Almost anyone can use this product to recover from acute injury and reduce swelling, increase mobility, use in chronic cases and injury prevention, postural application, nerve symptoms and scar tissue taping.

Effects and Results of Kinesio-Tape

The effects of taping are pain reduction, tissue decompression by relieving pressure from the tissues causing the discomfort, allowing better circulation to and from the affected site, and providing stimulation to a variety of sensory nerves in the skin and underlying tissue. All these effects speed up the recovery process thus allowing the individual to return to doing the thing he or she loves.

K-tape is easy to use, inexpensive and usually applied by a trained healthcare professional. Practitioners all over continue to see the benefits of K-tape tape.

The next time you have pain, swelling or decreased mobility consult with a certified kinesio-taping practitioner and get back to the activities you love in less time.

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